When We're Not Needed

Sometimes, people don’t need what you have to offer. They don’t want your services, companionship or friendship. In fact, they might not even like you very much.

And that’s OK.

We are all drawn towards whatever or whomever is going to help us learn the lessons we are meant to. You know that feeling when you’re having a hard day, when all you want is to be around that one person who you know will make you feel better? Or maybe it’s a special place that you go to, to calm down and recharge?

What happens when you don’t listen to that urge? For me, I can sense the negative emotions burrowing in my body, just waiting for a chance to flair up again. But if I deal with the hard day by SEEKING THE SUPPORT I NEED, the emotions have a chance to release, and my soul has a chance to settle. I get to relax in the vibration of love for a little while, the highest vibration there is.

Every now and then I come across a person who just doesn’t jive with my energy field. Quite often it will be a person who is very similar to myself, but different in the ways that matter a great deal to me. Particularly, I am attracted to people who are compassionate and kind. When energies such as competition, jealousy, maliciousness and bitterness are present EVEN IN SMALL AMOUNTS, my Higher Self tells me, “Stay back!”

Other people, particularly other healers, are better equipped than I am to deal with those elements of The Dark. We all have darkness in us, that manifests in different ways, and different healers are better at addressing different kinds of darkness.

For example, I am skilled in helping others with addiction, sadness, anxiety, frustration, illness, lack of passion, emotional trauma, and history of abuse. But my guides have urged me to stay away from the energies of competition, jealousy, maliciousness and bitterness as those energies are more toxic and draining to my Energy Field.

Without fail, whenever I actively put up boundaries to protect myself against energies that my guides caution me against, I get instant feedback. It is as if the person whom I am protecting myself against can feel the wall, and makes their psychic attack BIGGER to try to jump the wall. Ironically, my reaction is always to laugh at them, as they appear foolish. I don’t say this to be malicious, I say this with hopes that it may help someone whose psychic senses are similar to mine.

So what do you do, if you are the one being protected against? What if YOU are the person who may (knowingly, or more commonly, unknowingly) cause harm to another person? Do you take it personally, pushing your forms of darkness (which we all have) higher and higher? Or can you take a step back, and realize that your friend, client, family member will be better served by someone other than YOU? That your energy is not needed NOW, but might be another time? That perhaps YOU have some work to do, particularly in the form of caring for YOUR self?

I’ve been there, by the way. I’ve been that person to push others, try to help others, try to show others the Light. As Lightworkers or healers we like to think that those who don’t want our help “aren’t ready.” But maybe they ARE, they just need a different messenger!

Don’t waste your time pushing your energy on others who don’t want it. Don’t waste your time trying to be friends with people who don’t jive with you. Focus instead on your tribe, your community, your loved ones. The people who need you will be drawn to you. Love on them, don’t worry about the others.

We are all on a unique yet intertwined path. Journey on!