Good Vibes for Hard Times

my friends- 

i can't believe it was only a month ago, my last blog post about Orlando. how have we already had so many tragedies since then? 

i haven't watched the videos of the shootings. but i see and feel and hear the grief, the outrage, the cries for help.

all i can offer right now is an alternative to the violence on TV and Facebook. it is imperative that we keep lifting each other up and acting consciously. 

these are some of my favorite chants and sound vibrations for difficult times. 

sing, sing loudly. feel the vibrations in your chest and heart. 

I like this one because it contains a mantra in English as well, at 8:00. 



This beautiful and simple chant, "Akal" helps the souls of the departed cross over. 


stay strong, my loves. do not forget the goodness in you and others. may Light win,