family day Sunday

Jim and I love keeping Sunday our "family day" - no plans allowed. We typically get up super late, make a big breakfast (or get donuts :)),  spend many hours drinking coffee on the porch, watch something in the cool AC and go on at least one spontaneous adventure.

This past Sunday was no exception. I was hard core craving a good sandwich and some rice and beans, so we headed to The Floridian on treasure island.  

The food was awesome as always, and we were stoked to see a block party going on down the street. I had to pick up some kettle corn, my weakness. We enjoyed some killer live music (seriously good!) and took a quick walk to the beach to watch the sunset before coming back for ice cream and more music :) 

I like pretending to be a tourist at the beach hotels. Including gushing about "Flar-ee-duh" in a fake Southern accent. It's never not funny to me for some reason and I'm lucky Jim seems to appreciate it too. 

Topped it all off with a root beer float- this is what Sundays are for! 

Somehow it always does seem a little more like summer once Memorial Day comes and goes. The Florida nights are a little muggier, the Gulf of Mexico warm enough to swim, surprise thunderstorms happening more often. 

Looking forward to an awesome summer :)