Weekly Blessings

All I can say is... WOAH!

This week has truly been one of the most transformative and blissful weeks i've ever experienced! i've been keying in on my "core desired feelings" lately, and one that i've been rocking lately is INTENTIONAL. i have intentionally chosen what i want my life to look and feel like, and it is really paying off lately. 

Last weekend I joined 5 other women including our super-lovely mama/goddess/facilitator Jennifer Oppelt at her Desire Mapping Retreat right here in St Pete. Jennifer had such an amazing and well-crafted weekend planned for us, and held space so well that we all felt accepted and loved by her and each other right away. Friday night we dove right into some deep emotional release work (supported by dark chocolate!) that culminated in a fire ceremony. Saturday was the bulk of our work -that felt like play!- in which we identified and celebrated our Core Desired Feelings. Mine are.... INTENTIONAL, RAPTUROUS, GROUNDED and GLORIOUS. One of the most powerful moments was when Jennifer had us say all of our feelings with "I AM" and the group repeated them back to us with "YOU ARE." That was probably my favorite part, along with the yummy meals, dance party, writing in our workbooks, supporting each other during discussion time... really all of it was my favorite!! If you are interested in Jennifer's future workshops PLEASE check her out on Facebook. I can't recommend it enough!

All pictures were taken by photo goddess Klara Miller: 

I've been working more again lately, too. Can just say... i LOVE MY JOB! especially because my job is just, well, sharing everything that I'm passionate about and getting paid for it.

Check out the view- it's hard to see but we're looking right at Tampa Bay towards Tampa International Airport

Friday i taught at a new corporate yoga location. I had SIXTEEN lovely yogis join me during their lunch break for a gentle yoga practice. I was thrilled to see some major diversity in the class, including a more-balanced-than-usual number of men and women. I especially loved that one gentleman who had NEVER done yoga before came despite not having yoga clothes or a mat. He practiced in his office pants and collared shirt and did just fine! 

I have a little trick when I teach new clients, especially when in a non-yoga-studio location. dōTERRA Lavender Oil!! I hand it out at the beginning of class when most people are chatty or stressed or nervous. Lavender helps not only with calming, but with dispelling excess throat chakra energy, i.e. too much talking ;) Yoga teachers, give it a try and let me know if it works!

(full disclosure: I am a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate who both believes in and sells the products. If you'd like to purchase essential oils and support my business, you can visit my shop here. thanks!)

I always feel lucky that i get to wear yoga pants and flip flops when walking into fancy office buildings rather than tight clothes and heels!!

All week I was getting sooooo excited for my full moon beach yoga class. i have been practicing at this one place on the beach, a couple times a month very early in the morning, for over a year. Recently I decided to change the class time, and offer an evening class by donation on the evening of the full moon.

As my friend Deb so sweetly said Saturday night... "She's back!" And that I am. Nothing better than leading a beautiful group of souls while the sun sets and full moon rises, on the sand. Nothing better. My heart is so inspired by and grateful for everyone who made it and who will be joining us for a beach practice soon.