11 weeks

This week Ryker turned 11 weeks old. As i type this, he is lying in bed next to me, swaddled in his soft grey blanket. 

He was born at home on February 11th, 2016 without any drugs or medical interventions. Just me, his dad and our dog Addy Mae with our midwife occasionally monitoring his heartbeat to make sure everything was as it should be. 

Ryker may be only 11 weeks, but his deep blue eyes give away his eternal, ancient nature. He looks at us with a certain knowing. "Old soul" is an understatement. He is a 22, rare and powerful in numerology, known as the "master builder." Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon, Aries Rising. 

Everyone asks us the same questions- how did you come up with Ryker? And, how does he sleep?

It's a Dutch/Danish name, their equivalent of Richard. We found it online. It means "powerful/brave leader."

He does not sleep through the night, but wakes up every few hours to nurse, as every breast-fed baby should. We co-sleep, so I simply pull him close to me to nurse until we both drift back to sleep. 

Everyone who spends time with us tells us the same thing- he is a good baby.

And he is. We are lucky. But we have also made natural choices that I believe have led to him being a "good baby."

(I won't get into my opinions on waterbirth, vaccines, circumcision, placenta encapsulation, co-sleeping, baby-wearing etc right now but I will say that if you are considering "alternative" options, get ready to hear a lot of ill-informed opinions and know that you will get better at standing your ground. It's worth it for the well-being of you and your baby.)


I love being a mama. And Jim loves being a daddy. 

We are so lucky to have grandparents to watch him while I teach yoga, and love on him lots and lots. 

I do chuckle when people offer to "give us a break from baby." I know i'll probably appreciate that soon, but for right now, I don't really WANT a break!

I love giving him baths and getting him dressed in tiny clothes. I feel peace nursing and rocking back and forth in our glider. I adore watching his eyes grow heavy when I put him in his swing.

My heart is so happy every time I see him smile. It thrills me to hear him make his little noises. Even his cries make me happy, because it means that my baby needs me. 

Speaking of cries, he's starting to stir now. Mama duties call :)