a fresh start

it's Spring of 2016. i'm sitting on my couch, my newborn son asleep in his swing, listening to the Soundscapes music channel on TV because it always calms him down.

i'm a former full time yoga teacher, now full time mommy, although i started teaching 2 classes a week again when he was 7 weeks old because i just can't help myself.

i have so much to share, and to be honest i'm not quite sure the best way to go about it. i had another blog but i rarely updated it so when i did it was a major writing PURGE and made me feel so vulnerable and scared that i'd ignore that so much of myself was online and try not to think about my blog too much. 

but i need to share. i need to write, and often. i've always been a big journal writer but i stopped when i became pregnant. i kicked myself -metaphorically- for not chronicling my pregnancy but made up for it with posting regularly on instagram.

some more about me besides my most recent #1stworldproblems ... teaching yoga and helping people reduce stress is my calling. i love helping new yoga teachers believe in themselves. i am a reiki master teacher currently taking a break from offering formal healing services during my post partum time.

i see auras, receive regular intuitive insights and can connect with those on the other side. i am introverted; i love people and can easily speak in front of crowds in a structured class or workshop setting, but leave being the life of the party to my fiancé Jim.

Jim and I met around a campfire at a local music festival in 2013 and told each other "i love you" one week later. he is my best friend and has always understood and respected my unique mix of sensitivity and what he would call being a "badass chick."

i am a huge proponent of natural living. i use essential oils and healthy food for medicine and avoid most (toxic) body care and cleaning products. i was a vegetarian and vegan for many years before introducing animal products again a couple years ago for several reasons that i'm sure i'll write about at some point. 

i love to read and was good at school. i got mostly straight A's throughout high school and college with the very occasional B or B+. i graduated honors from American University in Washington DC in 3 years and decided not to go for a masters or PhD, at least not for a really long time. i was anxious to start living "REAL" life. immediately after graduating i studied to become a yoga instructor in a 1-month immersive program and that education has served me far more than any of my years in "real" school. 

i was in management and marketing for only 4 years before realizing that corporate life was keeping me from my true calling. i've been lucky to have a parter who has encouraged me and supported me while figuring out entrepreneurship. i am grateful to network marketing for allowing me to build the lifestyle of my dreams.

i live in st petersburg FL where i was born and raised. i tried out Los Angeles and had a hard time figuring out what was real and what wasn't. i stopped dancing around that time. i'm looking forward to finding my creativity again and enjoy the times dance has made itself stay relevant in my life through a few choreography and teaching jobs here and there. 

not capitalizing "i" or maintaining perfect grammar is a conscious choice that i'm very happy with. 

my number one focus is raising my son in a positive environment and helping him become the man he's meant to be, traveling the world as a family and spreading love and light to everyone i meet.