Do More Good

Lately I've been getting back into journaling, specifically, Morning Pages. Morning Pages comes from Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way, in which she suggests starting every day with 3 pages of free writing. 

Now, I certainly don't always do it in the morning, and I haven't even been doing it every day. But when I am able to write a bit when Ryker sleeps, I do stay true to the three pages rule. I find that the first page or so is me just getting my thoughts out- typically work related. But somewhere on page 2, the words start to flow, and I start to receive guidance, answers to my worries and questions.

One thing that has come up a few times in the past couple weeks is the instruction to "do more good." At first I was a little confused by this- my career is based on doing a good amount of, well, good. I teach people how to reduce stress with yoga, mindfulness and essential oils and many of my classes are free or donation based. I share uplifting content on social media. I am a good listener and I regularly mentor young entrepreneurs, network marketers and yoga teachers. Was I not doing enough good?

The short answer I got back was, No. I am not doing enough Good. And at first this made me pretty frustrated. Limiting beliefs came up, specifically in the area of finances. "I've given so much away for free," I thought. "How am I supposed to volunteer my time or resources when I'm struggling to eliminate debt and pay my bills on time?"

But i know enough to listen, and I trusted that I would get the answer in time. And here I am, at 4AM, not able to sleep. I said my prayers and cuddled with my sleeping baby. And the idea of how to Do More Good just presented itself, and it's something that makes me happy, because it is my favorite thing. 

I need to share Reiki with those who need it. Specifically, I would like to give Reiki to one person a day for 21 days. 

I won't be able to do full length sessions. I'll probably have to wear my baby and he'll definitely cry and fuss sometimes. So it's not going to be the super relaxing, blissful experience that my paying clients get. 

But you know what? I've offered short sessions before, at music festivals and social gatherings. It only takes a few minutes to do basic energy work and a quick chakra balancing, and people always notice a difference no matter the time spent. And it's still super effective! SOME Reiki is way better than NO Reiki. 

So, If you would like to sign up for a short and sweet (and free) Reiki session at Moving Meditations, please shoot me a Facebook message or an email at I also would really appreciate if you share this offer with a friend of family member who needs it. Please understand that I will only be offering short sessions (15-20 minutes tops), and that I won't have a ton of time to chat and process afterwards, though I'm more than happy to be available via text or Facebook in the days following your session to answer questions and help support you on your healing journey. 

Offer runs October 3rd-24th. So many blessings to you all! Thank you for helping me fulfill my mission.