Yoga for Mondays

While in PA this weekend I took advantage of Ryker's naptime at the hotel to record an easy yoga video- about 10 minutes of breathing and gentle movements that you can even do in bed, or in a chair. I called it "Yoga for Mondays" because it's a great way to get your blood and energy flowing when you're low on energy. Give it a try! You can find the video HERE.

Lots of love and Namaste, 



When We're Not Needed

Sometimes, people don’t need what you have to offer. They don’t want your services, companionship or friendship. In fact, they might not even like you very much.

And that’s OK.

We are all drawn towards whatever or whomever is going to help us learn the lessons we are meant to. You know that feeling when you’re having a hard day, when all you want is to be around that one person who you know will make you feel better? Or maybe it’s a special place that you go to, to calm down and recharge?

What happens when you don’t listen to that urge? For me, I can sense the negative emotions burrowing in my body, just waiting for a chance to flair up again. But if I deal with the hard day by SEEKING THE SUPPORT I NEED, the emotions have a chance to release, and my soul has a chance to settle. I get to relax in the vibration of love for a little while, the highest vibration there is.

Every now and then I come across a person who just doesn’t jive with my energy field. Quite often it will be a person who is very similar to myself, but different in the ways that matter a great deal to me. Particularly, I am attracted to people who are compassionate and kind. When energies such as competition, jealousy, maliciousness and bitterness are present EVEN IN SMALL AMOUNTS, my Higher Self tells me, “Stay back!”

Other people, particularly other healers, are better equipped than I am to deal with those elements of The Dark. We all have darkness in us, that manifests in different ways, and different healers are better at addressing different kinds of darkness.

For example, I am skilled in helping others with addiction, sadness, anxiety, frustration, illness, lack of passion, emotional trauma, and history of abuse. But my guides have urged me to stay away from the energies of competition, jealousy, maliciousness and bitterness as those energies are more toxic and draining to my Energy Field.

Without fail, whenever I actively put up boundaries to protect myself against energies that my guides caution me against, I get instant feedback. It is as if the person whom I am protecting myself against can feel the wall, and makes their psychic attack BIGGER to try to jump the wall. Ironically, my reaction is always to laugh at them, as they appear foolish. I don’t say this to be malicious, I say this with hopes that it may help someone whose psychic senses are similar to mine.

So what do you do, if you are the one being protected against? What if YOU are the person who may (knowingly, or more commonly, unknowingly) cause harm to another person? Do you take it personally, pushing your forms of darkness (which we all have) higher and higher? Or can you take a step back, and realize that your friend, client, family member will be better served by someone other than YOU? That your energy is not needed NOW, but might be another time? That perhaps YOU have some work to do, particularly in the form of caring for YOUR self?

I’ve been there, by the way. I’ve been that person to push others, try to help others, try to show others the Light. As Lightworkers or healers we like to think that those who don’t want our help “aren’t ready.” But maybe they ARE, they just need a different messenger!

Don’t waste your time pushing your energy on others who don’t want it. Don’t waste your time trying to be friends with people who don’t jive with you. Focus instead on your tribe, your community, your loved ones. The people who need you will be drawn to you. Love on them, don’t worry about the others.

We are all on a unique yet intertwined path. Journey on!

My Reiki Story

I first heard about Reiki in college. I had taken what I thought would be a bullshit course my senior year to have enough credits to graduate- "Strategies in Stress Reduction."

That ended up being one of the most important decisions I made in my life, because of a guest speaker who came to talk about- you guessed it, Reiki energy healing.

She described how she gave Reiki to cancer patients at a local hospital, and as she talked about the technique I had a HUGE moment of deja vu. I recalled how ever since I was a young kid, I would fall asleep with my hands in certain positions on my body, which I do even today. I realized that I had been doing Reiki on myself my whole life.

I could not stop thinking about it. I knew I needed to learn more about Reiki and go through the training to be able to share healing with others. Without knowing why, I knew it was part of my destiny to do so. 

It took my a couple years to do my Level 1 Attunement but, as it always does, it happened at the perfect time and I started sharing Reiki healing with friends and clients right away with profound results. To say my life changed completely is an understatement. Everything that no longer served my highest good fell away. I became more confident. My spiritual abilities developed rapidly. I discovered ways to connect with my higher self and the Other Side that I never had before. Life became more magical, richer, deeper. 

Fast forward 6 years, I have now completed my Levels 1, 2, and 3/Master and attuned about 10 people into the tradition. But what exactly IS Reiki? Reiki is a hands-on healing technique from Japan that is based in the belief that we are animated and kept alive by an intelligent life force.

The name of this force differs culture to culture- prana, kundalini, chi, qi, Reiki- but the idea is the same: if this life force diminishes due to stress and environmental factors, we are more likely to get sick and feel unbalanced. Reiki healers are able to channel this energy into their client, working with various points on and around the body, filling them up once again with goodness so the body and aura can heal itself. Anyone is able to train to become a Reiki healer! 

I am available for Reiki Sessions at Body Center St Pete, 5562 Central Ave Suite #2 in St Pete FL, next to Kopper Kitchen Restaurant. 

Have any questions about Reiki or if it's a good fit for you? I'd love to hear from you! Please contact me at 727-412.-4164 (text or call is fine) or email me at You can find reviews from past clients here. 

Hope to see you soon! So much love and gratitude,



Good Vibes for Hard Times

my friends- 

i can't believe it was only a month ago, my last blog post about Orlando. how have we already had so many tragedies since then? 

i haven't watched the videos of the shootings. but i see and feel and hear the grief, the outrage, the cries for help.

all i can offer right now is an alternative to the violence on TV and Facebook. it is imperative that we keep lifting each other up and acting consciously. 

these are some of my favorite chants and sound vibrations for difficult times. 

sing, sing loudly. feel the vibrations in your chest and heart. 

I like this one because it contains a mantra in English as well, at 8:00. 



This beautiful and simple chant, "Akal" helps the souls of the departed cross over. 


stay strong, my loves. do not forget the goodness in you and others. may Light win,


Weekly Blessings

All I can say is... WOAH!

This week has truly been one of the most transformative and blissful weeks i've ever experienced! i've been keying in on my "core desired feelings" lately, and one that i've been rocking lately is INTENTIONAL. i have intentionally chosen what i want my life to look and feel like, and it is really paying off lately. 

Last weekend I joined 5 other women including our super-lovely mama/goddess/facilitator Jennifer Oppelt at her Desire Mapping Retreat right here in St Pete. Jennifer had such an amazing and well-crafted weekend planned for us, and held space so well that we all felt accepted and loved by her and each other right away. Friday night we dove right into some deep emotional release work (supported by dark chocolate!) that culminated in a fire ceremony. Saturday was the bulk of our work -that felt like play!- in which we identified and celebrated our Core Desired Feelings. Mine are.... INTENTIONAL, RAPTUROUS, GROUNDED and GLORIOUS. One of the most powerful moments was when Jennifer had us say all of our feelings with "I AM" and the group repeated them back to us with "YOU ARE." That was probably my favorite part, along with the yummy meals, dance party, writing in our workbooks, supporting each other during discussion time... really all of it was my favorite!! If you are interested in Jennifer's future workshops PLEASE check her out on Facebook. I can't recommend it enough!

All pictures were taken by photo goddess Klara Miller: 

I've been working more again lately, too. Can just say... i LOVE MY JOB! especially because my job is just, well, sharing everything that I'm passionate about and getting paid for it.

Check out the view- it's hard to see but we're looking right at Tampa Bay towards Tampa International Airport

Friday i taught at a new corporate yoga location. I had SIXTEEN lovely yogis join me during their lunch break for a gentle yoga practice. I was thrilled to see some major diversity in the class, including a more-balanced-than-usual number of men and women. I especially loved that one gentleman who had NEVER done yoga before came despite not having yoga clothes or a mat. He practiced in his office pants and collared shirt and did just fine! 

I have a little trick when I teach new clients, especially when in a non-yoga-studio location. dōTERRA Lavender Oil!! I hand it out at the beginning of class when most people are chatty or stressed or nervous. Lavender helps not only with calming, but with dispelling excess throat chakra energy, i.e. too much talking ;) Yoga teachers, give it a try and let me know if it works!

(full disclosure: I am a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate who both believes in and sells the products. If you'd like to purchase essential oils and support my business, you can visit my shop here. thanks!)

I always feel lucky that i get to wear yoga pants and flip flops when walking into fancy office buildings rather than tight clothes and heels!!

All week I was getting sooooo excited for my full moon beach yoga class. i have been practicing at this one place on the beach, a couple times a month very early in the morning, for over a year. Recently I decided to change the class time, and offer an evening class by donation on the evening of the full moon.

As my friend Deb so sweetly said Saturday night... "She's back!" And that I am. Nothing better than leading a beautiful group of souls while the sun sets and full moon rises, on the sand. Nothing better. My heart is so inspired by and grateful for everyone who made it and who will be joining us for a beach practice soon. 

11 weeks

This week Ryker turned 11 weeks old. As i type this, he is lying in bed next to me, swaddled in his soft grey blanket. 

He was born at home on February 11th, 2016 without any drugs or medical interventions. Just me, his dad and our dog Addy Mae with our midwife occasionally monitoring his heartbeat to make sure everything was as it should be. 

Ryker may be only 11 weeks, but his deep blue eyes give away his eternal, ancient nature. He looks at us with a certain knowing. "Old soul" is an understatement. He is a 22, rare and powerful in numerology, known as the "master builder." Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon, Aries Rising. 

Everyone asks us the same questions- how did you come up with Ryker? And, how does he sleep?

It's a Dutch/Danish name, their equivalent of Richard. We found it online. It means "powerful/brave leader."

He does not sleep through the night, but wakes up every few hours to nurse, as every breast-fed baby should. We co-sleep, so I simply pull him close to me to nurse until we both drift back to sleep. 

Everyone who spends time with us tells us the same thing- he is a good baby.

And he is. We are lucky. But we have also made natural choices that I believe have led to him being a "good baby."

(I won't get into my opinions on waterbirth, vaccines, circumcision, placenta encapsulation, co-sleeping, baby-wearing etc right now but I will say that if you are considering "alternative" options, get ready to hear a lot of ill-informed opinions and know that you will get better at standing your ground. It's worth it for the well-being of you and your baby.)


I love being a mama. And Jim loves being a daddy. 

We are so lucky to have grandparents to watch him while I teach yoga, and love on him lots and lots. 

I do chuckle when people offer to "give us a break from baby." I know i'll probably appreciate that soon, but for right now, I don't really WANT a break!

I love giving him baths and getting him dressed in tiny clothes. I feel peace nursing and rocking back and forth in our glider. I adore watching his eyes grow heavy when I put him in his swing.

My heart is so happy every time I see him smile. It thrills me to hear him make his little noises. Even his cries make me happy, because it means that my baby needs me. 

Speaking of cries, he's starting to stir now. Mama duties call :)

A Fresh Start

It's Spring of 2016. I'm sitting on my couch, my newborn son asleep in his swing, listening to the Soundscapes music channel on TV because it always calms him down.

I'm a former full time yoga teacher, now full time mommy, although i started teaching 2 classes a week again when he was 7 weeks old because I just can't help myself.

I have so much to share, and to be honest I'm not quite sure the best way to go about it. I had another blog but i rarely updated it so when i did it was a major writing PURGE and made me feel so vulnerable and scared that I'd ignore that so much of myself was online and try not to think about my blog too much. 

But I need to share. I need to write, and often. I've always been a big journal writer but I stopped when I became pregnant. I kicked myself -metaphorically- for not chronicling my pregnancy but made up for it with posting regularly on instagram.

Some more about me besides my most recent #1stworldproblems ... teaching yoga and helping people reduce stress is my calling. I love helping new yoga teachers believe in themselves. I am a Reiki Master Teacher currently taking a break from offering formal healing services during my postpartum time.

I see auras, receive regular intuitive insights and can connect with those on the other side. I am introverted; I love people and can easily speak in front of crowds in a structured class or workshop setting, but I'm not one for parties or big crowds. 

I am a huge proponent of natural living. I use essential oils and healthy food for medicine and avoid most (toxic) body care and cleaning products. I was a vegetarian and vegan for many years before introducing animal products again a couple years ago for several reasons that I'm sure I'll write about at some point. 

I love to read and did well in school. I graduated honors from American University in Washington DC in 3 years and decided not to go for a masters or PhD, at least not for a really long time. I was anxious to start living "REAL" life. Immediately after graduating I studied to become a yoga instructor in a 1-month immersive program, and that education has served me far more than any of my years in "real" school. 

I was in management and marketing for only 4 years before realizing that corporate life was keeping me from my true calling. Now, I live the entrepreneur life, and am so grateful I found dōTERRA Essential Oils- my vehicle for spreading health and happiness to others. 

I live in St pPetersburg FL where I was born and raised. I tried out Los Angeles and had a hard time figuring out what was real and what wasn't, and stopped dancing around that time. I'm looking forward to finding my creativity again and enjoy the times dance has made itself stay relevant in my life through a few choreography and teaching jobs here and there. 

My number one focus is raising my son in a positive environment and helping him become the man he's meant to be, traveling the world and spreading love and light to everyone I meet.