"Alina Hall, beautiful mother and water goddess, has the most contagiously uplighting aura. She draws you in with her wisdom and spirit and you can't get enough of her energy. Reiki healer, yoga instructor extraordinaire, SUP yoga master, and teacher and lover of everything natural (including essential oils), Alina teaches us how to be better versions of ourselves using gifts of the earth and healing energy from spirit." -Anik Clemens, Life Coach and owner of Anik Perspectives

Alina was my first real introduction to yoga practice and WOW did she make all the difference in helping me become the yoga obsessed being I am today. Since her introduction, I’ve had the pleasure of being in the presence of some incredibly inspiring yoga instructors but none of them have left quite the impact that Alina did. Thanks for being the powerful inspiration that you are Alina - keep on being that same ray of sunshine! - Valerie

Absolutely a transcendental experience. Uses the body to generate emotional release and spiritual dialogue using ancient techniques. Honors ancestral lines and traditions with delicate integrity for all peoples. Physically challenging but inclusive of all levels. 10 out of 10. Okay, 11!!! -Ileana

Alina was brought in by the company I work for and she was my first introduction to yoga. I was nervous going to my first class because I didn't know what to expect physically, didn't know anything about yoga poses, am not flexible and didn't have a "yoga body". Alina put me right at ease within minutes. Our class was mixed levels but you'd never know it. She offered modifications for those that needed it and was reassuring in every way possible. Such a positive light to be around and an all out joy to learn from. - Brandi

Alina is literally the only human being to help me break through the past trauma I had around yoga. I am a free spirit and still feel free taking her class on the full moon on the beach. Her ability to manage the energy of 50 people is fabulous. Honestly there are no human words for the type of person she is and the amount of light she holds. - Melania

Alina is one of the most positive influences you could allow into your life. If you’re ready to grow, if you want to take your practice to the next step, if you’re finding difficulty in your flow... this chic is it! I just can’t say enough good things about this beautiful woman!!! - Heather


Hi, I'm Alina!

Let's connect at alinahallyoga@gmail.com or 727.412.4164

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Alina Hall is a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher and doTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate from St. Petersburg, Florida whose calm energy allows even the most beginner students to delve deeply into their practices.

Known for her clear alignment instruction and mindful sequencing, Alina’s joy-filled classes are appropriate for students of all experience and ability levels.

A lifelong dancer and yoga practitioner of over 15 years, Alina received her 200 hour yoga teaching certification in 2010 from renowned Washington D.C. studio Hot Yoga USA. She began her teaching career in DC leading corporate yoga classes at several federal agencies before moving to Los Angeles, where she focused on teaching yoga for beginners and beach yoga classes. Alina also began her Reiki studies and started a steady Reiki private practice around this time.

Now back in St Pete, Alina incorporates essential oils with elements from the Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga traditions to create classes that contribute to each student’s emotional healing and overall wellness. She has been teaching full time since 2014 at several local studios and corporate locations as well as on the beach and water for SUP Yoga.

A mom of two, she is also passionate about educating women on their natural options for childbirth and teaches prenatal yoga to support a healthy pregnancy and positive labor experience. Alina’s ultimate goal is help her students obtain not only a stronger and more flexible body, but also find a happier, more authentic version of themselves.