Ever since I started teaching, my friends and family have asked me... “Do you ever teach online?"

It's taken me eight years but I'm FINALLY offering online classes.

I want to keep things affordable, so I'll be offering a new yoga video every week for a monthly price of $9.99... just over what you would pay for ONE yoga class at a studio. Or, save some money and sign up for one year for the price of $108.

I also want you to actually be able to fit in each week’s practice at least 3-4 times into your busy life, so they won’t be any more than 30 minutes long.

I'll let you know right now- If you follow the "no pain, no gain" mentality... this program is NOT for you. My yoga classes emphasize slow, controlled movements, proper alignment and developing a deep connection with the breath. I aim to make yoga approachable for beginners, but also inspiring for more seasoned students.

Our mission here is to get happier, healthier and feel more connected to Spirit, while getting more comfortable practicing yoga in the meantime.

You can cancel your membership anytime, but I do hope you'll stick around for the life changing effects of a regular yoga practice. Sound good?

If so, sign up today! I'll follow up with an email with your first practice and instructions to join our members-only Facebook group where you’ll get lots of support from me and your fellow yogis. After that, you’ll get a new practice every Sunday morning.